They earned demise

It was a cold night and Beth was sitting on her favorite couch, the moon was bright and huge, ready to listen to what Beth had in her mind. Quietness was trying to conquer her, but that impeccable silent shrieks were now a part of Beth. She was only 16 years old, still learning life, trying to figure out
what is happening in her life and why. She was feeling lonely, occupied by her own thoughts, and within a few minutes she was lying asleep, the moon still shining bright on her. Beth’s father, a middleaged man, working in a law firm, some 500 km away in Seattle.

He was a very loving and caring father but for earning a good living he had to stay away for weeks.
Nevertheless, Beth was a brave girl she loved her family, which was not a happy family for her.
Beth’s mother, Amanda was a strong lady but for the last few months, she is living a life worse than hell. Beth, being a sensitive girl cared for her mother and as her teacher, Miss Sarah told her that she must let her do what she wants to do, because like a pure soul she ought to believe that freedom is real love.

Her mother was working in a hotel, but a few months ago she had a row with her boss
over a petty issue and her boss fired her. Now temporarily she is working in a candy-making factory for 5 hours a day and in the evening she provides freelanced babysitting services.
After her mother’s financial crises Beth was no more a bright student, she was skipping classes, one day she was sleeping in the class, her hairs were disheveled, her eyes swollen, with pale skin.

Miss Sarah noticed this deterioration and ventured to ask Beth.
“ Is everything ok sweetheart?” said Miss Sarah.
“Yeah, why are you asking? Inquired Beth in a rude tone.
“because you do not smile very often now, are you having any issues? we can have a discussion if
you like to.”
“No! I do not need anyone to discuss my problems with”, shouted Beth.
Miss Sarah was muddled with what she had just experienced. She tried to stop Beth but Beth shoved
her off and took her way to home.
“I am home mom”
“Mom?, is anybody home? cried, Beth.
Suddenly a figure appeared from her parent’s room. It was her neighbor, Liz.
“what are you doing here? Where is mom?”
“ your mom was drunk and she tried to beat my kid with this belt” she showed her the belt which
her mother bought for her father as a birthday present.
“ I just tried to stop her, Beth I really think that your mother should consult a psychologist or she can
move to a rehabilitation center, for she is losing her control day by day”, said Miss Liz in a concerned
Beth was infuriated with this thought that people are having sympathy for her parents, it tore her

Beth shouted, “ my mother is not a devil, who would hurt your son, you better take care of you so, do not let him out, if you do not feel safe”. She was breathing very fast, her heartbeat was like rolling drums.
Liz was appalled, she tried to console Beth. “ no one has ever said that your mother is a devil?  She is a nice lady, she is in trouble, you and your father must help her, that is what I meant, why are you assuming things? Which no one ever said?”
Beth’s anger was out of control now. She can feel that heat in her body and her forehead was about to boil.
She screamed and took that glass from the shelf and threw that on the wall, with as much strength as she could, “get out of our house, it is our family, she is my mother, she is fine, and I am not mad, you and your stupid son do not know how to behave, my mom is fine, she does not need any treatment”
Liz was an emphatic person. She decided to discuss this matter with Beth’s father.
Again it was a cold night, Beth was sitting outside in the porch, Amanda called her, she was awake now.
“yes, mom” how are you feeling now?
“ ouch! My head, it is hurting, I can not move, what is this in your hand?” inquired Amanda in a greedy tone as if she wanted to quench her thirst of the unavoidable dryness of life.
“is it wine?”
“no, mum” hesitated Beth, it’s just a glass of water, I fetch for you” she licked her lips out of sheer desperation.
“ oh thanks you dear, did you have dinner?”
“I do not think I am hungry, you want something?”
“No, I am ok I need some more beer, can you get me a jug from the store?” .. no wait, I am going,
you stay at home”
Alone and tired, Beth sat down on the floor, her hands were trembling, she wanted to cry, but her voice was stuck in her throat.
“why my mother is not like other mothers?”, am I going to live in a devastated family?” a
threatening thought prevailed.
“ People want me to trust them and here I am unable to convince myself, lost, hesitant in trusting
my own mother”, I think she does not love us, she took us for granted”
All night her mother did not come back, and she tried to convince herself that she is a strong girl and her mother has got right to whatever she wants to.
Next morning, Mr. Jonas, Beth’s father arrived, he found that Beth was very weak and his wife has destroyed herself.
“get up Beth, look I am back,” said Jonas while caressing Beth’s forehead.

Beth rubbed her eyes, she was perturbed and excited, simultaneously. Suddenly she started to weep and gradually like the inevitable storm after scorching summers, it ended in crying.
“ I can not take this anymore, Dad, I am hurt” please save my family Dad, she cried with a shrill shriek.
Mr. Jonas was not expecting this response, in the overflow of emotions, she took Beth to her bedroom and consoled her.
“Everything is alright, I am here, do not worry”
Beth resisted, she pushed her father and said “ no people are mean, it does not matter if someone is your father or mother, people love money, I have learned it. Dad, you and mom” she paused and then muster the strength to speak, what she felt.
“parents love money more than their kids, it is a myth that parents love their kids”
“look at you! You do not miss me, and mum, she drinks until she is out of her senses, only because she does not want to think about her loss”
“ you know what does that mean, Dad?”
“what?” said Mr. Jonas in a trembling voice.
“ It means that loss for parents is a loss of money, what their child suffers and bears and the consequences for this suffering are not counted as a loss, really Dad if I am feeling this pain, why you people are unable to feel it?”
Beth turned her face towards the wall, rubbing her hands.
“ I do not think I am your “beloved” daughter anymore”
Till then Amanda was back home, she was listening to their conversation, Mr. Jonas turned around, with a heavy heart and both parents looked in each other eyes as if accepting and blaming each other of what they have done to their girl.

Ironically still, They did not know that they have earned a lot, but this earning was the demise of a growing world, they earned the badges which will burn bright and engulf thousands of aspirations one day.

beliefs of 17th century Europe about Islam


Recently, I was reading seerat un nabi a book by a renowned Muslim scholar Shibli Naumanni and I was surprised when I came across a theory of Christians about Muslims. Christians in France thought that Muslims are not monotheists in fact they had an idea that Muslims worship three kinds of gods that are mahoon,nafomad(mahamd) and third is tarmagan . 

(seeart un nabi, Shibli Naumanni) 

A very famous writer of France Henry De Castries has written in his book “all those stories and songs which were written about Muslims in the history of  Europe were filled with misunderstandings about Islam and Muslims, till now these things are prevailing, every Christian in the past thought that Muslims are idol worshippers, and they have three gods , that are ranked as




and the most significant misunderstanding was Mohammad is calling people for worshipping idols.


When Muslims got defeated in Spain a Spanish Christian poet wrote

“aplain a  god of Muslims was seeing refugees in a cave but Muslims executed him because he was a sluggish god, and Mahoom who was another god of Muslims was also executed and was eaten up by dogs and wild pigs.

After this massacre, Muslims felt guilty and they asked for forgiveness and for seeking forgiveness they started to built idols in the mosque of mahom and aplain.

When King Charles entered carcosta he ordered soldiers to break down the idols in mosques.”

another poet Richa is praying in his poem ” O God we seek victory from you for the battle which is going to happen between christens and with Muslims who are worshipping mahom(a idol).”


Such sort of thinking was prevailing in Europe till the late 17th century. I was only wondering that it is still possible, BECUASE those misunderstandings of the past about Islam are still there and we only have to point them out for world peace and humanity.

Mother: the personification of love


We human beings, although the smartest and the strongest ones but God has made a part of us, that is very delicate and at the same time plays a very significant role in our lives, this section is the emotional section which helps us grow, learn, strive, struggle and survive and this section of our personalities is inevitably dependent upon the “ emotional backup system “which for most of the cases is a person and in my case, it is my parents especially my mother”.

I just wonder how benevolent Allah is for He designed a mother for every one of us, I am
using the word design because Allah specifically made mothers that system which would
be the driving force for us to achieve whatever we wish for and will help us grow, will teach us how to live, what is life, what we ought to do, what we ought not to and most importantly she will love us all her life unconditionally, just look at this word unconditionally try to brood over it for a moment, it means with no conditions at all, it means without asking for any returns and It means pure love and we all are in a dire need of it for that is how we are made, and except Him and our mothers it is nearly impossible if someone would love us unconditionally.

When she was a maiden :

Have you ever wondered that some 20- 25 years back, when your mother was a young girl.
A girl having her ambitions in her head, planning to invest her time for her career, living a free and happy life, a young maiden indifferent to all the chaos the world has been offering and someday that jolly girl becomes an excited but responsible mother and not eventually rather suddenly, because a mother does not plan to love her baby , all her ambitions , her dreams and her time are converged to a single point , her baby . What could have caused this abrupt change? It was love that made her think that way, how magnificent would be that love

Respect | an alternative for love

Can you waste even a single day for someone? No ! You will definitely stop and ask yourself is it worthwhile or not, anyhow our mothers did not give it a second thought, they accepted us as we are and since our birth, she has been committed to giving us all her time and love, unconditionally.
Now look at yourself , what have you done for her so far? I know its impossible to love her the way she does but I think there is an equivalent and that’s respect if we can not love her as much as her mother (our grandmother) did, we can respect her as much as we can, I am suggesting it not because we ought to respect our and our scriptures and Holy Quran states it imperative ( although it is our obligation ) but I have another logical reason for this, and it’s the relation of love with respect, we all know that we can not sustain our love (conditional) for someone who ridicules us and looks upon us, and even if we try to but it will be a hard nut to crack and someday our self-respect will tell you to stop , I know some of you will claim it an absurd thought but folks! Be realistic, anyhow if we could not love someone without respect even if we are not loving as much as a mother can then, our mothers whose impeccable love is easing our lives , has not she got the right to be respected and being a human is not it us who should realize that our mothers deserve respect, It is our duty and its not merely a duty but an opportunity to experience unconditional love for this is the specialty every mother has to offer her children.

Yaaay i am existentialist.. surprise you are also..

have a look at existentialism! You won’t believe it but, its the new trend .. resurgence of this philosophy..  look at its principles and aims of education you will understand why I am emphasizing it.  

Main ideas and gist of existentialism:

• Existentialism is not a system, it’s a philosophy that emerges from problems of life, while life is a mystery.
• Subjectivity is the only truth and reality, what a man experiences and feels are real.
• Because I exist I think, and because a person thinks he has got a right to think what he has to do or should do.
• Existence precedes essence. Philosophers focuses on the conditions (life) and the concrete existence rather than the essence which is a by-product.
• Man creates his own nature through his own choices
• No concrete values, man will not have any set of rules to follow instead he in himself has got that power that ill make him realize what he should do, he just have to nurture that power to such an extent that someday he will be able to make the best choices possible .
• Life is learning , existentialist takes life as a set of challenges coming our way in order to make us realize what we are, man exists in such a way that he can not avoid actions, he is here to do something and that doing makes life.
• God is dead
• Man will follow in religion what he will think is worthy to follow, for an existentialist his free will and free thinking will tell him what is right or wrong what he has to follow, there will be no burden over him, his experiences will lead him to a conclusion about the commands in his religion.
• Kierkegaard explained it by giving an example of teacher and student, he said “what do you think , who is working an earnest job? A teacher who teaches how to do hard things or a student who has to put these teachings in use?”
• Man is not bound to a group of people, thus he will not be compelled to follow rules of nation and society, he must develop himself as he thinks suitable for him.
• Contingency in life is a reality, our lives are according to the happenings and situations we face

Educational implications and factors

Existentialism itself is not a system and not a lot of research has been done regarding its educational implication. After the late 20th century and in the start if 21st philosophers and educationists tried to derive some educational objectives and rules with respect to this new self-centered philosophy. Ruksana Akhter in his book “Existentialism and its contemporary relevance to different education systems” explains that a lot of philosopher and educators has talked and discussed Existentialism but still they have not focused over its educational implications so far .
Existentialist education for Sartre is
Man ( existing) act of free self-creation Essence
Sartre explained this process in four steps.
1. Man exists
2. Encounters himself
3. Surges up (by his own decisions)
4. Defines himself.

Aims and objectives:

• Education of a whole person not just his brain, heart, and emotions are also focused.
It means that an existentialist system will focus on the mental, emotional, logical and physical growth of a learner, it will develop such a human being who will have accurate knowledge of what he must do in which situation. Harper said that an existentialist wants to educate the whole child not just one side.
• Unfolding of an individual, through different situations.
This explains the contingency of life, our lives are not what we want it to be it is what it is, and what it is or what we are, depends upon the choices we make. Idealists believed that this world is a cave full of ignorance and God is the light, Wisdom for man, but for Kierkegaard world is not a cave of ignorance it’s the reality we are living and it will help us learn , it is wisdom for us. The ups and downs and everyday tasks are helping us learn.
• Making such students who will be eligible of making choices for themselves.
As choice making is the ultimate task in our lives, thus an existentialist will try his best to inculcate decision-making abilities while staying committed to his decisions or choices , in this regard, Dr. V.K Maheshwari said that education must teach us how to make the best possible choices, and doing so wee must keep in mind that our choices will never be perfect so there is a chance of imperfection , consequently results will be unpredictable then.
• Development of a completely unique personality
As every human being is going through a different set of situation and if for say some of them are having a same set , but they might be having a different sequence then, thus it indicates that every human being will be different from others , we can not have a same product through a wholly different process, it’s a reality for an existentialist and he exaggerates it, provoking a sense of uniqueness and authenticity.
• Making child courageous, rational and strong , he must be able to face life with all its taste and colors.
• We all hear that life is not a bed of roses , this is an existential proverb , an existentialist believes this world to be a laboratory , a training club thus everything happening here good or bad must be faced and lived for getting an up-gradation , Seetharam claimed that education must make such an individual who will accept , death, anguish, fear, and anxiety courageously, as for him all of these are the facts of life .
• Man must know what is he and how much power does he have not physical but mental.
• Emphasizing freedom, freedom of thought especially.
• Sense of responsibility must be produced, enhanced and acknowledged
• Making of a socially strong and adjustable individual, who is able to understand freedom and differences among different human beings.

Aminuddin Hassan (2009)pointed out that existentialism can help people avoid vices such as violence, eloping , drug addiction as others .when a person will realize his importance and potential he will never take any such steps that can destroy the most important resource (self)

As populism is destroying our inner man, existentialism can be the rescuer.

First blog post

hello every one,  I am new here, hope u al wont mind helping me, I really need some experts to guide me in this business.. I am a student of literature and some family friend suggested me this blog writing stuff , and this is my first time #thehelpseeker and I really want world to know about my thoughts because I belive that I am a thinker but I don’t have such people around me who are willing to criticize and appreciate me so I am here looking for some failures because failure is the new suucces  🙂